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'Odd Symmetry' is the first album from Erick Duran Manard as the talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist looks to deliver great sounds to bless the ears of music lovers across the globe.” - ABNewswire

The Oklahoman

Odd Symmetry

Erick Duran Manard

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Release Date: 2/7/21. Publisher: CD Baby. UPC: 195999601878.

© ℗ 2021 Erick Duran Manard

-LINER NOTES- (Downloadable file included w/ purchase)

Symmetry: A sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance. The life lesson ironically of my personal experiences through 2020: God is always there, resolving. "Odd Symmetry" is one 'rock opera,' a cerebral concept album, an eclectic collection of musical pieces reflecting the unpredictable, transitory nature and events of life. Each composition, from Scene 1 to Epilogue, tells a part of the bigger story, and follows a timeline of tragedy vs. triumph; the worst of times, yet the best of times: calm in the chaos. It's my painful personal story of human "brokenness" and Divine resolution, told conceptually via musical art.

All compositions are based on, or inspired by, true events.


Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drums, percussion, keys/synths, vocals performed by Erick Duran Manard.


All compositions written, arranged, mixed, mastered, and produced by Erick Duran Manard. Album recorded in various places along the way: the backstage of a church; an unoccupied office space; acoustic guitar takes in my bedroom for more dry sound; vocal parts laid in my dining room for more open timbre, piano in an empty church sanctuary; etc. The acoustics matter! Album mastered at my home studio, Symmetry Studio, Glenpool, OK.


-God and my Lord Jesus Christ for teaching me to remain "calm in the chaos" when all hell is breaking loose and my world is crumbling around me. Space forbids listing the many lessons in humility through 2020, and how I'm learning what it means to be a man. I'm a work in progress.

-CD Baby for so enthusiastically publishing and promoting my music, and for building the highway upon which I can drive the car.

-The team at Cockos for developing and continually updating the finest DAW with Reaper, which enabled me to achieve the perfect sound, mix and master to my ears. (Who needs Pro Tools anymore?)

-The team at FabFilter for developing Pro-Q3. This single plugin was the elixir that made all the difference to the final mix and master. Pure magic.

-DR Strings for the only (and perfect) bass strings that fit Mustang Sally. Nothing but Sunbeams will do.

-EMG for the perfect "P." Nice job, Geez.

-Seymour Duncan for daring to be unconventional with the '59 Custom Hybrid. Now that's the sound of rock n' roll on a Tele.

-Stringjoy for the marvelous set of custom 8s that made the record so much better than it would've been otherwise. Yes, I play 8s.

-Steve at Sage Audio for the baseline. Your professionalism is second to none.

-My mom whose godly advice and counsel is always timely, if not prophetic. "God's got this!"

-Vince for incredible patience while I was working through weeks of unprecedented illness and just fighting to stay alive in May-June 2020. It was an "Epic" year, to be sure.

-Rob for the 'serendipitous' meeting and facilitating my "new stage" at RBC. It was Providence, indeed.

-Elizabeth for the initial inspiration to start playing again. This helped rekindle my passion for music. This record had not been possible otherwise. Xoxo

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Through the making of this record, I've discovered there is a symmetric calm to be found within life's unpredictable chaos, an 'odd symmetry.'” - Erick Duran Manard

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