Song DOGS OF WAR (MAKE MY DAY) Added to 3 New Spotify Playlists!

The popularity of my debut album, Odd Symmetry, just continues expanding worldwide. Amazing what the good Lord can do though me. I've said it before, my music is my ministry, though I don't write "Christian music."  That said, my song "Dogs of War (Make My Day)" is one of the most frequently "saved" songs of mine on Spotify, and it has been included in 3 new Spotify playlists. Check it out here:

Pure Music Hits

Top Tracks 2021

Official Hits

This makes 128 playlists, at last count, on which my songs are being streamed 24/7 with Spotify! This is good promotion, and my music is being heard all over the world. Exciting stuff!


Calm in the Chaos,




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